DXL Foundation Training Course

DXL (DOORS Extension Language) is a general-purpose programming language with DOORS specific features that allow the language to be used to extend the function of DOORS. Because of the breadth of the language, the best approach is to focus on the achievement of client-specific objectives, such as how to create a particular report, or how to create a particular custom column.

Using this approach, we select the most appropriate course modules from the available set, and use the material to coach attendees in achieving their specific objectives. The aim is to allow attendees to leave the course with code that they have written, from which they can go on to construct good solutions.

Who should attend?

The course will benefit experienced DOORS users who wish to develop or maintain DXL scripts for use within the project environment.


Familiarity with DOORS and some knowledge of DXL or similar programming language is desirable

What's included?

  • course instruction by experienced practitioners
  • full course notes
  • refreshments
  • buffet lunch
  • course certificate


Public courses: Bath area, England
Private courses: Client location or Bath area


Contact us to register interest in a private course.


£1000 (ex VAT)

This is the daily price per delegate. The minimum number of delegates per course is 2 and the minimum duration is 3 days. Contact us for pricing for private courses.

Format and Duration

Our approach is that every course is custom built for the client.

Courses typically vary in length from 3 to 5 days, but may be longer under special circumstances.

Course Modules

Core Foundations:

  • C1 – basic principles

Building Blocks:

  • B1 – processing DOORS items
  • B2 – attribute and type definition
  • B3 – process DOORS links
  • B4 – data structures
  • B5 – input and output to files
  • B6 – building user dialogues
  • B7 – creating views and columns
  • B8 – pattern matching using regular expressions
  • B9 – triggers
  • B10 – customising DOORS menus


  • A1 – writing layout DXL
  • A2 – writing DXL attributes
  • A3 – programs that produce reports
  • A4 – programs that interact with the user
  • A5 – programs that automate

Development Discipline:

  • D1 – coding standards
  • D2 – performance management
  • D3 – code organisation

Course tutors

All of integrate's course instructors are experienced system engineers, requirements managers and DOORS practitioners, and are able to apply a valuable real-world perspective that is one of the vital ingredients of successful training.