TraceLine for DOORS

TraceLine™ provides IBM Rational DOORS® users with a powerful and intuitive graphical browser that lets you view and manage your DOORS information in a rich, visual environment. You have uncluttered access to the complete set of information you need because TraceLine hides information that isn't relevant to your current task.

Easily created TraceLine views present the information relevant to your current task, including the traceability to key internal and external information. Comprehensive content and traceability reports are just a few clicks away. DOORS DXL plugins easily extend the environment.

With TraceLine, you increase user productivity, reduce training needs, and provide non-technical staff with easy access to your DOORS information.


  • improve communication and promote collaboration by visualising key information in context
  • improve productivity through one-click navigation and reporting
  • reduce training costs with TraceLine's intuitive interface
  • provide non-technical users with easy access to information held in DOORS


  • browser-based interface that presents important linked information free of clutter
  • intuitive point-and-click navigation to linked objects
  • task-based views that provide the right level of information for each user role
  • information and traceability reports in HTML, Microsoft Visio® and Mindjet MindManager®
  • extensible environment that provides one-click access to additional reports and metrics
  • powerful view editor to build and maintain TraceLine views
  • automatic creation of a default view for existing DOORS projects

Extending TraceLine

TraceLine is extensible through the use of plugins - custom DOORS DXL scripts that fulfil project-specific needs, and are launched with a single click from the TraceLine toolbar. They are ideal for providing easy access to specialised reporting, analysis and metrication utilities, and import and export tools.

integrate provides both pre-defined and custom plugins for TraceLine. Contact us to find out more.

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To see TraceLine in action, watch our short online demonstration.

TraceLine for DOORS online demo


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To learn more, download the TraceLine for DOORS datasheet, (1.7M PDF) or contact us.

TraceLine for DOORS datasheet