Software Development

Most systems depend upon software. Some applications are sufficiently generic that they can exploit 'off the shelf' software. As application requirements become more specific, however, the need for bespoke software grows.

Bespoke software developers encounter a wide range of hardware platforms. These range from general purpose desktop computing devices, laptops and mobile phones through to extremely specialised embedded systems. In all of these cases the role of the software developer is to implement the required functionality on the chosen hardware platform. This requires not only a thorough understanding of the hardware platform, software tools and language to be used, but also an understanding of the functional requirements themselves and the nature of any algorithms to be employed.

integrate has significant expertise in developing software across a range of engineering domains. Our capabilities include:

  • development in a broad range of languages including C#, C++, C, Obective C, Swift, Java and DXL
  • targeting many operating systems and platforms, both conventional and embedded, including Windows, Linux, IOS, Android and VxWorks
  • specialist application development expertise in fields such as data acquisition and processing, signal and image processing, IP networks, mobile telephony and other communications applications
  • web site development, including ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework
  • database development, in particular using SQL Server
  • development of structured information management tools, both on an OEM basis for third parties and as part of our KEYPAQ® and TraceLine™ extensions for IBM Rational DOORS®