Our range of software tools for IBM Rational DOORS® provide intuitive, point-and-click environments for working with your DOORS information. These task- and process-centred toolsets will help to maximise the productivity and effectiveness of your DOORS users.

If your organisation has adopted DOORS, integrate's DOORS tools will help you to realise its full potential.

All our products are rigorously developed and tested: they are fully supported and are supplied with detailed user and administrator documentation.

Traceability Visualisation and Manipulation

TraceLine KeyVis
  • TraceLine provides DOORS® users with a powerful and intuitive graphical browser. With TraceLine you easily navigate and edit DOORS traceability with task/role specific views, increasing information access and user productivity. It is extensible through bespoke DXL plugins for project-specific needs.
  • KeyVis™ is a tool which enables you to visualise traceability as exported diagrams in Microsoft Excel. With many options to choose from, KeyVis diagrams support clear visualisation of complex traceability relationships within your information model. Diagrams can be edited, analysed and enhanced using the familiar Excel environment.

Productivity and Process

KEYPAQ KeyMetrics KeyApps
  • KEYPAQ® for DOORS provides a highly functional, process-centred graphical user interface that is configured rapidly and cost-effectively to your needs. Built around a generic point-and-click navigator, bespoke working environments are created by enabling key information and functions: access information, roundtrip import/export, build documents with a single click, access metrics, manage links, manage glossaries, etc.
  • KeyMetrics™ provides the tools to collect user configured metrics from your DOORS® data and present them as colourful graphical charts. With KeyMetrics you can track and share many different metrics easily and consistently. 
  • KeyApps™ is a collection of useful DXL utilities (or "Apps"), each designed to carry out a specific DOORS task. All Apps have a common look and fell and are coded and tested to meet stringent coding standards.An Apps Manager is used to control which Apps are made available and to set access permissions for users. The collection is extended periodically by adding new Apps.

DOORS Administration

  • KeySpy™ is a tool for analysing and managing the structure of a DOORS project. Various reports can be generated showing folders, modules, attributes and views to the lowest level of detail. Information models can be saved and replicated, and schema changes can be synchronised across multiple projects.
  • The KeyApps™ collection (see above) also contains many utilities that will simplify DOORS adminstration tasks.

KEYPAQ®, TraceLine™, KeySpy™, KeyApps™, KeyMetrics™ and KeyVis™ are trademarks of Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd. Rational® and DOORS® are trademarks of IBM Corp