Integrate supports programme assumptions management in MoD

Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd (Integrate), a systems engineering consultancy based in Bath, has announced a contract to continue development and support of the UK MoD’s Assumptions & Dependencies Management Information System (ADMIS).

ADMIS was developed by Integrate to provide MoD with an information system for managing the complex web of dependencies that exist between the many MoD equipment programmes. Using ADMIS, project teams can record and manage the assumptions that underpin their costings. Crucially, ADMIS allows the assumptions that one programme makes about another (dependencies) to be recognised and managed. Prior to ADMIS, unmanaged dependencies were a significant source of unidentified costs.

ADMIS is currently assisting with the MoD’s Annual Budgeting Cycle, and is in use by over 100 procurement teams. Under the latest contract, Integrate will extend the reporting capabilities of the MIS and also provide new functionality for assumptions management.

Integrate’s Business Development Executive, David Guy, said: “Prior to ADMIS, programme assumptions were routinely recorded in Excel spread sheets. There was no systematic way of identifying and managing dependencies between programmes. With ADMIS, these dependencies can be acknowledged by both parties to the dependency, and consequential costs can by fully recognised.”

Integrate’s Managing Director, Paul Fielding, added: “If you don’t get a handle on programme dependencies, you will never have reliable cost estimates. ADMIS is a significant step forward for MoD in keeping on top of its equipment budget.”


Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd provides professional services, development expertise and software tools that help clients overcome challenges in business and engineering. Specialising in systems engineering processes and tools that enable complex systems development, current Integrate clients include MoD, Rolls-Royce and Network Rail.

In addition to ADMIS, MoD licenses Integrate’s KEYPAQ® for DOORS, a highly functional, process-centred productivity environment for requirements management which is in use throughout Defence Equipment and Support.

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