Integrate paper on assurance of complex systems at IBM Rational Software Conference 2009

A paper entitled 'Evidence-Based Development - using IBM Rational DOORS to reduce risk, improve quality and ensure compliance' was presented by integrate's Dr Jeremy Dick at the Rational Software Conference in London on October 12 and 13.

Developers of complex systems are increasingly required to provide a well structured and argued body of evidence that their system is fit for its required purpose and complies with applicable regulations. Jeremy's paper addresses how IBM Rational DOORS can be configured to help build this body of evidence progressively throughout the development life-cycle.

The paper first introduces Evidence-based Development (EbD), a confidence-based approach to progressive system assurance that is closely integrated with the development process.

EbD draws inspiration from requirements management, from risk management, and from the claim-evidence-argument paradigm - well known in the safety engineering domain - whose ideas are extended from safety to the broader concept of system fitness-for-purpose.

By making assurance an integral part of system development, EbD promises a range of benefits, including reduction in life-cycle costs and risks for systems in which a major concern is high integrity or compliance to regulation.

The paper introduces the concepts behind EbD, and shows how it can be applied to the assurance and compliance needs of a wide range of industry sectors. Software tool support for EbD is then addressed, and a reference information model is described which is easily implemented in IBM Rational DOORS. Finally, a DOORS productivity extension, integrate's TraceLine for DOORS, is demonstrated which provides features which specifically address progressive system assurance.

Find out more about EbD® here.

Download a copy of a White Paper on EbD (PDF) here.

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