KEYPAQ 2.0.2 live at DE&S Abbey Wood

integrate's KEYPAQ for DE&S version 2.0.2 has gone live at DE&S Abbey Wood, and is now available to support both DOORS 8.3 and DOORS 9.2 users.

KEYPAQ has been in service with DE&S for two years and currently has in excess of 250 users. During this time repeated evaluations have shown that DE&S Requirements Managers are benefiting from increased productivity and effectiveness, while the organisation as a whole is benefiting from improved compliance with procurement processes.

Version 2 of KEYPAQ was rolled out at Abbey Wood in April 2009 and has been widely welcomed by users, who appreciate the refreshed user interface and benefit from a wide range of enhancements including improved import/export facilities (including to HTML), improved document production and more flexible metrication.

A key feature of KEYPAQ Version 2 is that it can be configured to support a wide range of project information models. Since its launch a number of Project Teams have taken advantage of this feature to introduce a KEYPAQ configuration that matches their particular needs more closely than the simple, standard model used by the majority of users. KEYPAQ's software architecture ensures that this can be achieved without detracting from KEYPAQ's core benefits of ease of use, consistency across Project Teams and compliance with corporate processes.

In addition to providing a number of minor new enhancements, version 2.0.2 of KEYPAQ supports DE&S' on-going migration from DOORS 8.3 to DOORS 9.2.


IBM Rational DOORS® is the world's leading tool for managing requirements. Organisations around the world have invested in DOORS because its power and flexibility meets their needs for structured information management.

Sophisticated products such as DOORS deliver the most value when they are configured to match the customer's business processes and the profile of their users. integrate's KEYPAQ for DOORS is a suite of productivity enhancement tools that helps achieve this optimal configuration rapidly and cost-effectively, providing an environment which maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of users.

By deploying KEYPAQ alongside DOORS, users achieve a requirements management solution that fully supports their business processes while closely matching the skills profile of the user base.

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