TraceLine for DOORS 2.1 released

integrate has announced the release of TraceLine™ for DOORS 2.1. Previously available exclusively from Telelogic (now part of IBM Rational), this release is the first since integrate resumed responsibility for TraceLine sales and support from IBM.

Among the significant improvements in Version 2.1, those aimed at TraceLine users include:

  • History Explorer - see how an object has changed between any two dates or baselines
  • Work with Baselines - TraceLine views can now include any baseline of a module, not just the current version
  • Go To Object - jump immediately to an object based on DOORS absolute number or object number
  • Link Icons - get one-click access to the TraceLine Links Editor

Benefits for TraceLine administrators include:

  • New View Editor - completely re-implemented View Editor makes creating and maintaining TraceLine views even easier, with features like drag-and-drop editing, easy import of views from other DOORS projects and improved view validation
  • Automatic View Generation - create default TraceLine views for your existing DOORS projects based upon intelligent analysis of the project's structure and content
  • Limit access to the View Editor - optionally restrict access to the TraceLine View Editor to database administrators and members of named user groups

Download an evaluation

TraceLine for DOORS software and documentation can be downloaded from After installation, the software runs in a fully functional evaluation mode for 30 days, letting you try TraceLine without any cost or obligation.

Upgrading from Telelogic DOORS/TraceLine

If you purchased DOORS/TraceLine 2.0 from Telelogic and have a valid maintenance agreement, you are eligible for a no-cost upgrade to TraceLine for DOORS 2.1. Please contact us for more information.

About TraceLine

TraceLine™ provides DOORS® users with a powerful and intuitive graphical browser that lets you view and manage your DOORS information in a rich, visual environment. Easily created TraceLine views present the information relevant to your current task, including the traceability to key internal and external information. Comprehensive content and traceability reports are just a few clicks away. DOORS DXL plugins easily extend the environment.

TraceLine is validated as Ready for IBM Rational software, and users can be assured that it will continue to be closely integrated with the core DOORS product.

For more information about TraceLine for DOORS, click here or contact us.

TraceLine™ is a trademark of Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd
Telelogic® and DOORS® are registered trademarks of IBM Corp


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