Integrate assumes sales responsibility for DOORS/TraceLine from IBM

IBM and integrate have announced that, effective from 1 November 2008, the Telelogic DOORS® extension DOORS/TraceLine will be available for purchase exclusively from integrate, and will now be known as TraceLine™ for DOORS. In a separate development, TraceLine has been awarded "Ready for IBM Rational software" status.

Simon Wills, Managing Director of integrate, commented "TraceLine for DOORS enables DOORS users to view and manage information and traceability in a rich, visual environment. Although developed by integrate, to date TraceLine has been exclusively available for purchase from Telelogic (now part of IBM Rational). We welcome this opportunity to take on sales and support in addition to our existing product development responsibilities. Customers will benefit from a simple, straightforward purchasing route and licensing model, and we will be able to build a direct relationship with users that will improve and support the product enhancement cycle time. TraceLine is now validated as "Ready for IBM Rational software", and users can be assured that it will continue to be closely integrated with the core DOORS product."

"A new, improved version of TraceLine for DOORS will be launched in the near future. Version 2.1 incorporates significant improvements for both TraceLine users and administrators."

"This move has come about as part of the assimilation of DOORS into IBM Rational's range of software tools. The "Ready for IBM Rational software" validation shows that IBM recognises TraceLine's value to many DOORS users. We have made the change, with IBM's agreement and support, because we believe it will benefit existing and potential customers with a responsive product enhancement cycle and simple, one-stop acquisition directly from the product developer."

Existing DOORS/TraceLine license holders will continue to receive first and second line support from IBM until the next maintenance renewal date, when they will have the option to take up a maintenance agreement with integrate. Existing users can also benefit from a free upgrade to TraceLine for DOORS version 2.1 when it becomes available. Please contact us for more information about this option.

For more information about TraceLine for DOORS, click here or contact us.

Rational®, Telelogic® and DOORS® are registered trademarks of IBM Corp
TraceLine™ is a trademark of Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd


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