KEYPAQ version 2 launched

integrate has launched Version 2 of KEYPAQ® for DOORS, its process-centred productivity environment for Telelogic DOORS® (now Rational DOORS®), at the Telelogic "Innovation 2008" User Group Conference.

The new version features a wide range of enhancements including improved import/export facilities (including to HTML), improved document production, more flexible metrication and a refreshed user interface.

Already in service with organisations in the commercial, transport and defence industries, and with more than 250 users in the UK MOD, repeated evaluations have shown that KEYPAQ improves the efficiency and integrity of business processes associated with requirements management, while also boosting the productivity and effectiveness of users.


Rational DOORS® is the world's leading tool for managing requirements. Organisations around the world have invested in DOORS because its power and flexibility meets their needs for managing requirements and other structured information.

KEYPAQ for DOORS provides a highly functional, process-centred productivity environment that is configured rapidly and cost-effectively to your needs. By deploying KEYPAQ alongside DOORS, users acquire an information management environment that fully supports their business processes while closely matching the skills profile of the user base.

For more information about KEYPAQ for DOORS, click here or contact us.

KEYPAQ® is a registered trademark of Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd
Rational®, Telelogic® and DOORS® are registered trademarks of IBM Corp


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