KEYPAQ reaches deployment landmark in UK MOD

KEYPAQ® for DOORS, integrate's productivity enhancement suite for Telelogic DOORS® (now Rational DOORS®), has reached a landmark 250 users within the UK MOD.

In an effort to improve the productivity and effectiveness of staff charged with writing the requirements for around £10B of annual equipment purchases, KEYPAQ is being deployed to each of the Integrated Project Teams in the MOD's procurement and support organisation, DE&S. integrate is supporting the rolling deployment programme by providing expert support and training.


Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) equips and supports the UK's armed forces for current and future operations. Employing approximately 25,500 people, with a budget of £13 billion, its Headquarters is located in Bristol with other sites located across the UK and overseas. DOORS is the preferred requirements management product within DE&S, and it is available to each of its more than 100 Integrated Project Teams (IPTs), representing a DOORS user base of some 1300 users based over sites throughout the UK.

Sophisticated products such as DOORS deliver the most value when they are configured to match the customer's business processes and the profile of their users. integrate's KEYPAQ for DOORS provides a highly functional, process-centred productivity environment that helps achieve this optimal configuration rapidly and cost-effectively, providing an environment which maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of users.

By deploying KEYPAQ alongside DOORS, DE&S achieves a requirements management solution that fully supports its business processes for procurement and closely matches the skills profile of a large and diverse user base.

Before taking the decision to roll-out KEYPAQ, DE&S undertook a rigorous evaluation involving more than ten IPTs that used KEYPAQ with DOORS for several months. The results of the pilot exercise demonstrated measurable improvements in the quality of requirements documents. Compliance with DE&S business processes improved, and users were delighted by the ease of use of the overall solution.

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