Integrate's KeyTrace® launched as DOORS/TraceLine™

Telelogic AB today launched a new extension to its world-leading requirements management tool DOORS®. Named DOORS/TraceLine™, the new product is sold under licence from Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd (integrate). integrate previously marketed the tool under the name KeyTrace, as part of its KEYPAQ® for DOORS suite of productivity enhancement tools for DOORS.

Telelogic DOORS/TraceLine provides DOORS users with a powerful and intuitive graphical browser that enables them to view and manage their DOORS information in a rich, visual environment. Users have uncluttered access to the complete set of information they need because DOORS/TraceLine hides information that isn't relevant to the current task.

Task-based DOORS/TraceLine views, which are easy to create, present the information, as well as the traceability to key internal and external information, needed by users in various roles. Comprehensive content and traceability reports are just a few clicks away. DOORS DXL plug-ins easily extend the environment.

With DOORS/TraceLine, user productivity is increased, training needs reduced, and non-technical staff are provided with easy access to DOORS information.

integrate is both a Professional Services Partner and a Technology Partner of Telelogic. Simon Wills, integrate's Managing Director, commented "the licensing of KeyTrace by Telelogic, and its release as DOORS/TraceLine, is the result of a great deal of hard work by individuals in both companies. We are delighted that, through our Technology Partnership with Telelogic, all DOORS users will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of DOORS/TraceLine".

For more information about DOORS/TraceLine, visit the Telelogic website.

DOORS® and DOORS/TraceLine® are trademarks of Telelogic AB
KEYPAQ® and KeyTrace® are trademarks of Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd


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