Integrate joins DTI programme

integrate has joined BAE Systems, the High Integrity Systems Engineering Group of the University of York and High Integrity Solutions Ltd as a participant in the DTI Technology Programme PLASMA, which is researching ways of reducing the costs and risks of developing high integrity systems software.

Within the PLASMA (Product Line Architectures Simulation and Analysis) project, the package of work being led by integrate is researching an approach called Evidence-based Development (EbD®). The essence of EbD is to capture a growing body of evidence for the correctness of a system, starting from the earliest possible stages with rationale associated with the verification of design intention against requirements, through to the fulfilment of the design and associated test results. It is a uniform approach to argumented verification and validation.

The EbD portfolio comprises information structures, processes and rules for the collation, organisation, review, change and presentation of technical cases to support certification and acceptance of complex systems. integrate has made the first steps towards providing tools to support EbD through its KEYPAQ family of products. As part of the PLASMA project, integrate will be investigating how the concepts behind EbD can be supported within HIS's VDS design environment.


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