ITS United Kingdom

We are a member of ITS United Kingdom, the UK association for the promotion of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)


We are registered with Link-Up, the UK rail industry supplier qualification scheme


We provide independent consultancy services and solutions to clients in the rail, air traffic management and intelligent transport systems domains.


We have provided consultancy in the railway signalling and control domains to Network Rail, its predecessor Railtrack, and to signalling system and equipment suppliers; this includes a significant role in the systems engineering of the West Coast Route Modernisation programme. We also have extensive knowledge of European rail interoperability issues and the UK National ERTMS Programme.

Intelligent Transport Systems

We offer consultancy and R&D services in the Intelligent Transport Systems domain, including:

  • road charging & enforcement technologies and systems
  • Use of GNSS data
  • incident detection and management
  • data and information fusion of ITS sensor data

Air Traffic Management

We have provided a range of services in the Air Traffic Management domain, including system design and development, project management, business process development and support, and the provision of software tools and training.

West Coast Route Modernisation

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We made a major contribution to the systems engineering approach adopted for Network Rail's £8Bn multi-disciplinary project to modernise the West Coast Main Line [more]

Technology demonstration for road pricing

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We played a leading role in a large scale technology demonstration programme addressing road pricing.

On behalf of our client, the UK Department for Transport, we were responsible for the design and implementation of the technical services that underpinned the Road Pricing Demonstrations Project.

This role included the design and implementation of a secure web service interface; the design and implementation of database schemas for defining road pricing scheme rules; generation and publication of scheme rules; provision of monitoring and reporting services and data analysis [more]