KeySpy for DOORS

KeySpy™ for DOORS enables you to analyse and manage the structure of a DOORS project. Graphical and HTML reports are generated showing exactly what’s there: folders, modules, attributes and views are all analysed and presented to the lowest level of detail. The project information model can be saved as an XML configuration file, enabling multiple projects with identical schemas to be instantiated. Schema changes can be synchronised across multiple projects, and schemas under development can be automatically populated with test data and links.


  • rapidly analyse any DOORS project to the lowest level of detail
  • easily trouble-shoot schema problems
  • quickly and reliably generate new DOORS projects based on an existing schema
  • improve process compliance through ability to audit and monitor schemas
  • rapidly roll-out schema changes through a simple synchronisation tool


  • analyse any DOORS project schema
  • graphical representation of the project including: Folder, Modules (formal and link), attributes, attribute types and views
  • export HTML reports: Project Summary, Project Detail and Module Detail
  • save and load XML project configuration files
  • clone projects
  • synchronise projects and modules
  • populate module objects with test information and text
  • link module objects automatically with test links

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KeySpy for DOORS datasheet