IBM Rational DOORS® is the world's leading tool for managing requirements. Organisations around the world have invested in DOORS because its power and flexibility meets their needs for managing requirements and other structured information.

Unlocking the value of your investment in DOORS depends upon configuring it to support your business processes and the skills of your staff. KEYPAQ® for DOORS provides a highly functional, process- centred productivity environment that is configured rapidly and cost-effectively to your needs.

If your organisation has adopted IBM Rational DOORS, integrate's KEYPAQ for DOORS will help you to realise its full potential.


  • provide a project- and process-centred working environment for your DOORS users
  • enhance accessibility to project information held in DOORS
  • increase productivity by automation of common tasks
  • improve project management by access to timely and relevant metrics
  • reduce training costs through an intuitive, point and click interface
  • facilitate compliance with corporate processes, information structures and document formats


  • point and click KEYPAQ navigator, providing a focus for working with your project's information
  • rapid, consistent and configurable export to Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel® and HTML
  • easy and quick import from Word and Excel
  • one-click document builder to assemble Word documents from multiple modules
  • immediate access to key traceability and attribute metrics
  • link manager to facilitate working with links between information modules
  • citation manager to automate linking to multiple citation modules
  • generic technology that can be configured to work with any information architecture
  • extensible technology that can provide one-click access to user DXL from the KEYPAQ navigator

UK Government Users

KEYPAQ is deployed within the UK MOD's Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) organisation to help enhance the productivity and effectiveness of its Requirements Managers.

KEYPAQ software, training and support is available to MOD and other UK Government customers. For a quotation contact us.

KEYPAQ® is a registered trademark of Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd
Rational® and DOORS® are registered trademarks of IBM Corp
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KEYPAQ for DOORS datasheet