KeyMetrics for DOORS

KeyMetrics™ is a Rational DOORS tool that allows collection of process metrics from DOORS modules and presents them in graphical form. Many different metrics can be configured and displayed in dashboards in the form of pie or bar charts, together with numerical summaries.

With KeyMetrics you can collect metrics consistently across multiple projects and report them separately or aggregated to show a programme-level summary. Current and historical data can be shared widely with managers, engineers, customers, suppliers etc.


  • Measure your key performance metrics easily and consistently
  • Share metrics information inside and outside your organisation


  • Graphical display of metrics
  • Configurable to work with any information architecture
  • One-click report to HTML
  • One-click export to CSV and XML

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To learn more, download the KeyMetrics for DOORS datasheet, (1.6M PDF) or contact us.

KeyMetrics for DOORS datasheet