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TraceLine in Practice

TraceLine™ for DOORS enables military communication terminal testing solution for UK MOD

Client: UK Ministry of Defence


SyntheSys Systems Engineers Ltd provides information systems expertise to clients world-wide, and is recognised as a world leader in the field of military Tactical Data Links (TDL).

The UK Ministry of Defence selected SyntheSys to provide an application to manage TDL requirements throughout the testing process by maintaining linkages from requirements through to test scripts. SyntheSys chose IBM's Rational® DOORS® as the database tool to underpin their solution.

integrate's TraceLine™ for DOORS is a DOORS extension which provides a powerful and intuitive graphical browser for viewing and managing DOORS information in a rich, visual environment. Compared with the native DOORS interface, TraceLine users benefit from increased productivity, reduced training needs, and the ability to focus only on the information relevant to their current task. TraceLine offers particular benefits where non-technical staff require easy access to DOORS information.

An integrated solution

SyntheSys was determined to offer MOD a solution which would allow non-technical users to carry out military communication terminal testing processes intuitively and with minimal training. User productivity was also an important objective, and so the solution needed to provide 'one-click' access to routine process steps such as the visualisation of related requirements and easy access to associated test documentation produced outside of the application. At the same time, the underlying requirement demanded a powerful database, optimised for provision of linkages between a number of large requirement specifications and associated test documentation.

SyntheSys project manager Mark Hudspeth says "The powerful capabilities of DOORS for linking and tracing information made it an easy choice of database, but we wanted to provide our customer with a customised interface that would be easy and intuitive to learn and highly productive in use. We could have developed our own bespoke DOORS extension, however we quickly identified that TraceLine offered us the facilities that we needed. Choosing TraceLine greatly reducing our development cost and timescale, and our customer benefited from a solution based on productised, well supported code."

Mark goes on to say "Configuring TraceLine to provide the information views and reports our customer needed was very straightforward".


SyntheSys' Terminal Test Generator (TTG) was delivered and formally accepted early, and is currently in operational service with the MOD. Customer reaction has been very favourable at this early stage.

"SyntheSys identified a gap in the market for a software tool to coordinate and manage the preparation of test scripts for military communications terminals. We needed a solution that was fast to market and extremely easy for users to learn and use," says Mark. "We found that basing our solution around DOORS and TraceLine enabled us to meet and exceed these challenging objectives. TraceLine also reduced our development risk and timescale. Anyone faced with delivering an information management environment based around DOORS should definitely consider TraceLine as a low risk path to a highly functional and user friendly solution."

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