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Business Process Improvement

Using KEYPAQ to improve the efficiency and integrity of business processes

Client: Mott MacDonald Railway Approvals Ltd


Mott MacDonald Railway Approvals Ltd (MMRA) was the Independent Technical Certifier (ITC) working on behalf of Transport for London on the £400M East London Line Extension project.

MMRA and TfL maintained critical project information related to the ITC role in IBM Rational DOORS®, the world's leading tool for managing structured information.

What we did

MMRA commissioned integrate to help them improve the efficiency and integrity of the business processes in use for the ITC role.

We began with a short period working with key staff in MMRA to understand the ITC role and the information management challenges involved. A key focus of our investigation was to determine if additional value could be leveraged from MMRA's existing use of DOORS. Sophisticated products such as DOORS deliver the most value when they are configured to match the customer's business processes and the profile of their users. We frequently find that this is an area where targeted investment can yield significant benefits.

Following our investigation we recommended a package of measures to streamline the business processes in use, optimise the way information was stored and exchanged and improve the productivity of the staff managing the process.

A key recommendation was the adoption of a version of integrate's KEYPAQ® for DOORS toolset, tailored to match the ITC business processes and the skills profile of the staff involved. KEYPAQ is a suite of productivity enhancement tools that provides a user environment which maximises efficiency and effectiveness while improving process compliance.

In this case, KEYPAQ would provide an intuitive user-interface for managing the process, and would semi-automate routine tasks such as outputting templated reports. The benefits expected from adopting KEYPAQ were improved productivity, a reduction in the number of errors and improved process compliance.


Our recommendations were approved by MMRA and implemented by us in a further short period of work during which KEYPAQ was tailored to the project needs, installed at MMRA and users trained in its use.

Gary Hicks of MMRA commented that

"by deploying KEYPAQ alongside DOORS, we have been able to improve the way we manage information, streamline our business processes and do our work faster and more accurately. We are delighted with the benefits we have gained through working with integrate."

More information about KEYPAQ is available here.

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