KeyVis for DOORS

KeyVis™ for DOORS is a tool which enables you to visualise traceability by exporting diagrams into Microsoft Excel. In the diagrams, DOORS objects are shown as shapes, and links as connectors.

KeyVis offers many export options that can be used in combination to produce diagrams useful for particular purposes: traceability review, impact analysis, complexity identification, indirect tracing visualisation, etc.

Diagrams can be built incrementally by merging new diagrams into existing ones. And they are not just pretty pictures: the powerful features and automation of Excel are available to edit, manipulate, enhance or analyse the graphical information.


  • Provides visualisation of complex traceability relationships within your information model
  • Visualisation environment is widely available and diagrams can be analysed and enhanced using standard Microsoft Excel features


  • Many export options: start point, direction, depth, relationships, indirect tracing, colours, etc.
  • Layout auto-arrange function
  • Diagram merging function
  • Save/load configuration settings

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KeyVis for DOORS datasheet


The latest version of the KeyVis user guide can be downloaded here.